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V2 Cigs - electronic cigarettes - #1 Ecig Brand in the World!

Green Smoke (the best in the world)

Green smoke electronic cigarettes are in a different league than the mass of Chinese made inferior ecigs that have flooded the US and UK markets.

If you want an electronic cigarette that tastes better and is more satisfying than a real cigarette then you must experience Green Smoke.

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Skycig electronic cigarette with unique discount code

SKY Cig is a UK company whose product tastes just like those of traditional cigarettes. You won`t notice a difference. SKY Cig is the closest to that of a real cigarette we have tested, while most e-cigs are big and heavy, the Sky cig is light and the size of a real cigarette but it looks, tastes, feels and smokes even better. The flavours are delicious, the tobacco flavour is rich and warm and full of taste and the menthol is the best non tobacco flavour we have ever tested. It is also ideal if you are out a lot as the mobile case charges the battery 3 times without needing to plug into the mains or a PC and the slick design weighs little more than a normal packet of cigarettes. The Sky cig is light, easy to use and looks and feels good. Our cartridge tests demonstrated the Sky cig produces more vapour than much bigger and more expensive e-cigs and lasted longer than the next best. In our opinion the best all round UK e-cig to mimic a real cig.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 Years Warranty

For an additional 15% off your SKY cig order, simply enter coupon code BIG15 at the checkout on the Sky cig official site. Note, this code only works for orders from this website. To activate this code and enter the main Sky cig website, click the more information link below..

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V2 Electronic Cigarette (best selling ecig USA)

V2, a revolutionary new nicotine delivery system. One of the latest products out from a huge international company, the reviews for this on Youtube we have compiled are outstanding. This is a far better product than Green Smoke in our opinion, it produces huge amounts of vapour and is ultra consistant and the flavors, like the Congress flavor are the best of any international brand. V2 cigs have the best reputation in the world. This is a product that when people try they stick with and is the best international e-cig we have yet tried.

DISCOUNT CODE - `stop15` (for a 15% discount).

To redeem your discount code simply click on the more info link below.and enter the coupon code to save 15% on your order.

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Nucig Advanced Pro 4 electronic cigarette

Nucig is one of the UK leading brand of electronic cigarettes, their latest model the Pro 4 uses the latest state of the art technology with VG cartridges. This is a brand you can find in chemists. Top quality performance, packaging and customer service. Great vapour production that impressed us in recent tests. We tested the Nucig Ultimate Kit which was fantastic if you are looking for a refillable cartridge.

We have a 10% discount code which can be used when ordering through the more information link below, just click more info and then enter code NUCIG10DSC at checkout.

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Halo electronic cigarette (just launched)

The Halo e-cig is an awesome new state of the art e-cig that has just launched in the UK. It uses the `next generation patented two piece design made famous by Green Smoke but at a fraction of the cost and much better performance.

Halo e-cig 2 piece starter kits just 27.99 which represent unbeatable value for money..

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Vapestick electronic cigarette UK

Vapestick are a top UK brand with a unique product that feels very high quality is superbly made. Vapestick are well established and trusted, they produce good vapour and good flavour at a decent price and are definitely worth checking out. They have a wide range of performance products.

For the latest Vapestick special offer just click for more information below and if you do decide to buy this product you will receive free extra cartridges just from ordering via referral from this site, to save 10% click the link below and use code TWIT10.

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Safe Cig electronic cigarette

The Safe Cig is one of the most famous electronic cigarette brands in the world. It is also one of the longest on the market. The Safe Cig will come in 6 different nicotine levels: 24 mg, 18 mg, 14 mg, 11 mg, 6 mg and Zero mg (no nicotine). the only company in the usa to independently fund all research & engineering. It is not one we have tested ourselves yet but it has had such good Youtube user reviews we have had to include it in our top 10.

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Smart Smoker as used by Johnny Depp

Smart Smoker e-cig made famous in the film The Tourist with Johnny Depp using it, although we doubt it was actually this exact brand to be honest. Hollywood stars love the e-cigarette as they think the general public have not really heard of them and Smart Smoker is a U.S top e-cig sold in the UK at a very good price for a starter kit, just 24.99. Smart Smoker uses te super mini which chucks out loads of vapour altough its battery life is limited.

For a further 10% discount on your Smart Smoker order click the link below..

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Green Smoke UK

Green Smoke is one of most famous e-cig brands in the world. Green Smoke famously produce loads of vapour and their easy two piece design makes them very easy to use. Green Smoke cartomizers also use VG.

Now available in the UK, delivered next day by Royal Mail. Just click the link below for an automatic 10% discount

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NuCig UK electronic cigarette (latest)

NuCig is the latest electronic cigarette brand we have tested. NuCig is the only UK e-cig brand we can find in chemists. It has an outstanding reputation for using the safest possible e-liquid and uses the very latest in e-cig technology. They have also released a version out on the 25th of July that is already sold out prior to launch is is said to be that good.

For more information on the NuCig UK electronic cigarette click the link below, also if you click the link below and enter code NUCIG10DSC you can save 10%...

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Ziggicig e-cig reviews - electronic cigarettes

Ziggicig e-cig reviews - electronic cigarettes


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